Revive Cost vs. Living in major city

Explore the world for less than the monthly cost of living in a major city

Revive New York Los Angeles London Seattle San Francisco

Rent + Utilities and Internet:* Included $2612 $2076 $2057 $1975 $3130

Work Space: Included $450 $400 $600 $425 $450

Career/Life Design Coaching: Included $300 $300 $300 $300 $300

Benefits:** Included Not Included Not Included Not Included Not Included Not Included

Total: $2500 $3362 $2776 $2957 $2700 $3475

*Average rent (~690 Sqft furnished studio), utilities, and internet price in a “normal, not expensive” area of town)

**Benefits of Revive Include: Travel Between Locations, Curated Events and Experiences, Fully Dedicated Team of Experience Leaders, Kickoff Event, Networking, Wifi/SIM card, Employer Support, and Social/Environmental Impact Projects.

Source: Expatistan