What's included?


Game-Changing Kickoff    Event

We start each program off with a BANG! We’ll meet in our first destination city, learn from a surprise expert speaker, connect with your new travel buddies, explore the best spots in the city, and learn how to make the best of your experience.


Comfortable   Accommodation

Your days of dorm rooms and shared hostel beds are behind you. Thank god, right? You'll have a safe, private room in a tasteful house, apartment or villa - guaranteed. 


Curated Experiences

Whether its surfing, rock climbing, dinner parties, innovative workshops, inspiring speakers, impact projects, or participant-led activities - we've got you covered for captivating things to do.  




Major travel between destinations on your itinerary are all covered - bus, plane, or tuk tuk. (And yes, maybe even a camel.)


Dedicated Workspace + International Wifi

An awesome workspace and reliable Wifi is a non-negotiable. We have partnerships with local coffee shops and co-working spaces, and international air cards and country-specific SIM chips come standard.


Personal + Career Development

Revive programs are transformational experiences. Simply put, we change lives. Through coaching, online courses, and a growth mindset approach, we set you up for success not only during the program, but for a lifetime.


Local Networking +  Staff In Country 

Meet and connect with local thought leaders and professionals in a variety of fields and rest-assured that a Revive staff member native to the country you're in will always be available to help.  


Social + Environmental Impact 

We take our role in social and environmental activism seriously. We'll roll up our sleeves, meet locals who are much less fortunate than us, and make a real difference in someone's life & on the planet.